Jointly with Emlak Konut REIT, Siyahkalem is actualizing at Zekeriyaköy such KÖY Project over an area of 467 thousand square meters, designed in varying types according to different lifestyles, comprising of 1.167 residence units and an open-air concept shopping area with 15 thousand square meters of space for lease, all in total harmony with nature.

Siyahkalem Engineering Construction Industry & Trade Co. Inc., incorporated in 1977 and undersigning up to the present day several projects both locally as well as abroad, is actualizing its first real estate development project at Zekeriyaköy.

KÖY Project introduced and presented through a press meeting organized by Siyahkalem officials at Çırağan Hotel, is erected over an area of 467 thousand square meters. The Investment value of KÖY Project comprising of 1.167 residential units in total and a shopping area of 15.000 square meters is worth 1.3 billion TL.

Siyahkalem CFO İbrahim Kahraman providing information at the meeting about the project, said “In today’s Istanbul where tens of residence projects are being realized, KÖY Project is not designed as a project surrounded by high walls, isolated from the living ambient, but as a habitat in organic interaction with its environment.” Ibrahim Karaman, pointing out that in the tender process of Emlak Konut GYO realized as two sessions open to the general public on May 3 and 11, 2012, they were awarded the contract as a result of paying 72 million TL more than the next closest contestant in respect of total revenues, whereas paying 33 million 400 thousand TL more than the next closest contestant in respect of the land plot price, and stated further that the total residential area of the project would be 206 thousand square meters.

5 different types of residential units are available under KÖY designed by the British architecture group Hopkins Architects, internationally renowned through projects realized at several countries worldwide, awarded with many prizes.

Of the land with a total area of 467.000 square meters, 50.000 square meters are designed into a project as residential layout area. It is included in KÖY Project 420 apartment flats of sizes ranging from 80 sqm to 212 sqm, as well as 74 row houses of 334 sqm each, including 584 twin duplexes of sizes ranging between 194 sqm and 215 sqm. It is also included in the project 68 twin villas of sizes between ranging from 335 sqm and 623 sqm, and 21 individual stand-alone villas of 691 sqm.

KÖY’S Commercial Center - ÇARŞIKÖY

It is contained under KÖY project an open commercial center over 15 thousand square meters, where besides international brands there would be restaurants specific to the region and satisfying diverse tastes, cafes, supermarket, a veterinary clinic, an organic products market as well as theatre halls.


KÖY houses incorporating smart house automation system is introducing a multitude of details and comfort facilitating life. Residence dwellers are enabled whenever deemed necessary, to remote control lighting and heating through the feature incorporating remote programming. And by means of security system active for 24 hours, camera monitoring systems, fire alarm system connected to the fire brigade and natural gas alarm system with self switch-off function in case of any gas leakage, a fully secure life is promised.


İbrahim Kahraman stated that in the course of the recent year, they held several meetings with both the inhabitants of Zekeriyaköy as well as with those social segments sensitive to the environment, and shared the project with them. Kahraman, expressing that they called such meetings “Neighbourhood Right Meetings”, further said “it is of utmost importance for us that the project we are making is a reference project. We desire to be stated by us ‘This work could solely be made properly in this way.’ We shaped and structured the project in parallel to the criticisms and proposals received in such meetings we made, and today we are introducing the same to your acknowledgment.”


İbrahim Kahraman pointed out that they are aiming to preserve and improve the existing fauna and flora, and they have designed the open spaces on the building lots as affluent activity areas to serve as leisure, meeting, observation places to emphasize and promote neighbourhood relations, enabling spending pleasurable time with children.

It is announced that there would also be included in the project an orchard containing apple, cherry, pear, jujube, fig and plum trees, as well as a botanic garden.


It is included in the KÖY Project 2 schools comprising of 1 kindergarten and 1 primary school, 1.600 sqm parking lot, 1.600 sqm closed sports premises and 400 sqm cafeteria area, as well as 2 tennis courts, 4 basketball fields and 3 open swimming pools.


In close vicinity of the 3rd Bridge as well as 3rd Airport, KÖY Project is located at a distance of 20 minutes to Maslak, 12 minutes to Hacıosman Subway Station, and 10 minutes to Sarıyer İDO.


KÖY Project undersigned a primer in Turkey and filed an application for receiving LEED NEIGHBORHOOD certificate.

Amongst the conditions requisite for receiving LEED for Neighbourhood, it is required to be fulfilled such criteria like “meeting basic requirements of families at walking distance within the neighbourhood”, “to avoid disruption of the ecological order, nocturnal lighting to reduce light pollution”, “landscape design with respect to protection of ecological characteristics and biological diversity”, “refraining from using construction materials with harmful influences on human health”, “prohibition of allergenic and carcinogenic materials”, “minimizing any problems hazardous for human health which would arise in the course of usage phase and environmental deterioration upon using environment friendly quality control methods in the construction process”.


Siyahkalem Engineering Construction Industry & Trade Co. Inc., launched in 1977, is among the most reliable companies of the Turkish industry with the projects it realizes domestically and internationally. Accomplishing also completion of highways, bridges and various infrastructure projects, Siyahkalem has built in the last 5 years 7,600 residences, 7 schools, shopping centers, nurseries and sporting facilities in 5 different provinces of Turkey.

Siyahkalem uses the experience it has accumulated in the construction industry over the years for carrying out projects that are friendly with the environment, nature and humans. Emphasizing the social cultural and lifestyle needs of the individual in all its projects, Siyahkalem aims to identify the urban and urbanization problems of our day correctly, to overcome them and to leave living spaces they will be proud of, to the future generations.

Siyahkalem, which does not compromise quality in any previous and future projects, is committed to the concepts of “aesthetics, nature, social texture and sustainable living” in all its projects.